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 Rezler system Private Limited, a company who is developing innovative smart-secure technology.

  • QR Scan Patrolling
  • Vehicle Patrolling
  • Live Incident
  • Customer specific Feature
  • Beat Tracking
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Face Recognition Using AI & ML
  • Live Tracking

 Rezler system Private Limited is recognized by its brand called SUBHAHU, pioneer in patrolling solution and SUBHAHU implements patented software.

 SUBHAHU a powerful end to end eco system with lot of Patrolling related features has been leading the patrolling solution in different districts police department since its inception.


QR Scan Patrolling

The QR-code tags are placed at each beat point When Beat Police scans the QR-code the information is sent to the Admin and Web Applications.

Vehicle Patrolling

Beat vehicle having the Subhahu installed smartphone moves through the added fence, locations will be updated automatically in the server.

Live Incident

Beat police can send text message or take a photo of the suspicious person/object or incident and update it to the higher officers.

Customer specific Feature

Along with Beat points we have an option to integrate CCTNS information as History List, MOB, Rowdy sheeters and Gun licenses information to respective information to respective beat number.

Beat Tracking

This features allows the higher Police officers to do real time tracking of beat police.

Advanced Reporting

Each level officer is given the separate admin ID, they can check all the information about patrolling on daily basis, monthly basis or whenever beat police wants

Face Recognition Using AI & ML

Face recognition for beat punching and attendance of the Beat Officers and for searching from Bad Characters.

Live Tracking

Realtime tracking of the beat points punching and Beat Officers.


Manoharana, Tiruppur(COP)

As the legacy/ old beat police tracking method was in non-functional condition, digital E-Beat patrolling was a much necessary to the city limit to measure the efficiency of patrolling. After hearing from salem city implementation, we started for 1 station limit trail run. With much of necessary patrolling software stable, we launched SUBHAHU e-beat at Tirpur police city limit.

Dr. Rohini Katoch Sepat ,Kolar(SP)

With my earlier experience with digital e-beat, I was excited to experiment SUBHAHU when they reached my office. With the multiple integrated beat police daily routines, reports to track their performance was made me to decide a go to install for district selective stations. With the department provided SIMs data network facility it was very helpful to build the required infrastructure.

C.shankar , Salem(COP)

As Beat constable patrolling is backbone of police department, and in advent today’s mobile technology we started using basic version of SUBHAHU digital e-beat. QR codes replacing patta book (beat book) was an intuitive idea, which gives public appearance about police visiting point. With the continuous monitoring and feedback from us, SUBHAHU turnkey solution running with less failure probable beat patrolling solution at salem city. Among the features missing beat information (unattended patta book) is vastly used one. Having used the e-beat 3 shifts round the clock, at ground level police perceptions seems to be improved.

Abhinav Khare ,Shimoga(SP)

With 37 stations in Shimoga district we were looking for an centralized monitoring system to track all beat performance. SUBHAHU young software having just launched at Bidar district, made me to give a try to implement. With the intention to support indian startups, digital india process we successfully implemented in all the stations. Live tracking of beat constable in duty during ganesh festival was a helpful.

Prakash Nikam , Bidar(SP)

Beat patrolling was totally stalled with no measures to see the performance, in Jan 2017 we launched QR code based patrolling at Bidar district for 50 beats. Idea of QR code and GPS coordinates combination to track beat round performance was used. With android applications, live data connection and centralized servers it was made successful execution.

Dharmendra Kumar Meena ,Chamarajanagar(SP)

With the basic beat police patrolling features we started installation and using. Somewhere I felt this project has a potential to enhance the beat police scope to make it complete digital. With multiple discussions we came with a application for citizens to inform locked door requests when they are for a vacation. Also we were the first to run a trial with motion sensor, GSM based tiny IoT device to identify any moments in locked house. Device helps to hear conversation from the remote place.

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